Session II - Sept
(Groom Elite 201 - Advanced Grooming)

CLASS INFORMATION: Classes Monday-Friday from 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM with a lunch break. Friday's class will end by 3:00 PM. Class will be held in the Baldwin Conference Room at Santa Anita, Arcadia, CA. Those signing up will be emailed instructions regarding  parking, etc. Class members enjoy meeting at Clockers' Corner and watching workouts from 7:15 to 8:00.
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Class size is limited to 16 and 11 spots are already reserved by Session I participants. 

 We will take a lunch break (on your own) each day.  Also included will be your personal Groom Elite Master Course Book plus a jump drive with narrated Power Point shows that complement the course book for further study. Participants will be given private access to online practice tests and video
Class size limited to 16 so register early to guarantee your spot. 

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Program Outline

This program will cover materials taught to grooms in Groom Elite 101 and 201 with additional information for owners to help with decision making and discussions with trainers, agents and others.  Class will be taught by Dr C. Reid McLellan, a gifted instuctor that makes learning fun and challenging. A subject matter outline is below.


Session II (September 25-29) - priority to Session I participants

Intermediate Grooming (Conclude Groom Elite 101) - Lower leg anatomy reviewed, Basic bandaging (polo, standing, performance) and tacking; Race day activities including test barn protocols.

Advanced Grooming (Groom Elite 201) - Bones of the torso (plus bone growth & conditioning); Muscles that move those bones; Respiratory system (including scoping and infectious disease prevention & management); Circulatory system (how big a heart does a horse need?) and its interaction with the respiratory system (EIPH and other concerns); Injuries (including discussion of bone conditioning), therapy (medication, cold, warm touch); Weather stress (cooling out hot horses, non-sweaters,  winterizing when necessary) and tying up.

This material (and more) is included in the Master Course Book that is part of the Groom Elite program's offering and is available to the public for the first time through those taking these two classes.  Sign up today to ensure your spot in this first public class available to owners and those interested in owning a horse, particularly a racehorse, whether during or after its racing career.

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