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Welcome to Purple Power Equine Services' website.   We provide services designed to help you enjoy and profit from your equine endeavors.  From classes and private lessons on horse care and training to professional photogrraphs and videos of you and your favorite horse, to acquiring racehorse prospects and getting their pictures taken in a winner's circle, we help you participate as much or as little as you desire. Take advantage of our unique combination of knowledge, experience and enthusiasm and enjoy a profitable equine experience.  

Summer 2017
Winter and Spring was busy as usual with a little extra thrown in for excitement. Summer, normally a bit slow now that Colonial is closed and Canterbury and Prairie, Groom Elite stalwarts the past 10 years are not finding the same interest in Groom Elite classes as they had in the past. But that opened up the calendar and others are moving in to take those spots. Beginning with the final 1/2 month of May here are some interesting dates through this summer.

May 2017
1.Groom Elite 201 at Isothermal Community College started May 9 & 11. Dr. Helmuth Von Bluecher was instructor May 16 & 18 and I will finish up the final two weeks (May 23-25 and May 30-June 1).

2. Groom Elite 101 at Woodbine started May 15-16 and I was there to start this second class. Licensed instructors Paul Attard, Jamie Attard, Renee Kierans and Sara Sullivan are guiding 18 students through the materials and I'll be back on June 4-7 to help with assessment.

3. Second Chances Groom Elite.  I'll be at James River Work Center June 13-16 for "mid-term" teaching visit.

4. Trainers Exam Prep Classes
       Lexington, Kentucky June 28-30 - CLICK HERE for info and to register
      Remington Park, Oklahoma City August 16-18 - CLICK HERE for info and to register

5. - Owner Groom Elite Progarm at Santa Anita. SESSION I - July 10-14 (8:30 AM to 4:00 PM) - CLICK HERE FOR CLASS INFORMATION & TO REGISTER
At the request of several Southern California owners I am offering a 2 week program for owners that will cover materials from Basic Grooming 099 through Groom Elite 101 concluding with Groom Elite 201. This program will be taught in two intensive weeks with the first week July 10-14 (6 hours a day covering Basic -099 and first 1/2 of GE 101) followed by second week September 18-22 (Second 1/2 of GE101 and GE 201). Outline and registration forms will be posted by May 22.  (If you have already registered and want to pay your tuition, CLICK THIS LINK. Please use the link above if you have not filled out a registration form. Thank you.)

Later in 2017:
1. Groom Elite 101 (Intermediate Grooming), a groom certification class will be taught in Lexington, Ky this fall. First class in this series was Basic Grooming 099 held at Kenny McPeek's Magdalena Farms in Lexington in April. Fifteen participated and 6 are now working in the industry.

2. I'm discussing with retired Secretary of the Trinidad-Tobago Racing Authority Secretary a proposal to teach Basic Grooming and Groom Elite 101 in St. Lucia this fall as St. Lucia prepares to launch a racing program.
3. On-line Classes. A major goal for 2017 is to establish a series of on-line classes. With everything else going on I've fallen behind on this effort.

4. Writing.
I'm "writing that book". Well, it's underway. And you can follow it's progress by reading "exerpts" plus other ramblings by following me on Medium. CLICK HERE to go there now and get started.

Trainers' Exam Prep Class - Lexington, Kentucky June 28-30 Click HERE to register. If you have already registered and just need to pay tuition, CLICK HERE to return to the PayPal link.



  CLICK HERE for class outline and other general information about the Trainers' Exam Prep Class and to add your name to our email list to be notified when other classes are scheduled

If you are interested in becoming a Rachorse Trainer or Assistant Trainer and cannot attend a Trainers' Exam Prep Classes you can purchase the Prep Class materials by CLICKING HERE



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