Lace-Reid-SatinMISSION: To improve the welfare of horses through education of owners, trainers, grooms and the general public in selection, care and handling of their horses

Welcome to Purple Power Equine Services' website.   We provide services designed to help you enjoy and profit from your equine endeavors.  From classes and private lessons on horse care and training to professional photogrraphs and videos of you and your favorite horse, to acquiring racehorse prospects and getting their pictures taken in a winner's circle, we help you participate as much or as little as you desire. Take advantage of our unique combination of knowledge, experience and enthusiasm and enjoy a profitable equine experience.  

Though the calendar adds a digit to the end of the year designation, most years just are more of the same. Some people make resolutions and have not kept most of them by the end of January. Some people seriously take stock of where they are and where they want to be and make one or more significant life changes (lose serious weight, stop smoking, get help for an emotional issue, change to a job they really enjoy - even if pay is not as much and the list goes on). For Purple Power Equine Services 2017 will mean some of both. Just the highlights on this page - to read detalis CLICK MORELS TExP Flyer 2017

Continuing in 2017:
1.Trainers' Exam Prep Classes will continue with the first scheduled class our 17th Trainers' Exam Prep Class at Lone Star Park April 5-7 (immediately followingTexas 2-year old sale on April 4). Click on the flyer to right to see more details. CLICK HERE to reserve your spot (limit is 12) & save $50 on tuition.

2. Groom Elite Classes......more
3. TOBA Conformation Clinics. (first one Feb 28 at Gulfstream Park).......more
4. Second Chances Groom Elite........more
5. Consulting. (first sale - 2-year olds at Gulfstream Park March 1)....more

New for 2017:
1. Trainers' Exam Prep Class schedule. By March 1 .... stops in  Kentucky (Spring), Mid-Atlantic (Parx/Delaware/Laurel area in June), Oklahoma (August), Southwest (Arizona, Southern California - September), Florida (October), Lexington, KY (November) and South Louisiana (December). more.
2. Groom Elite class schedule will include "resident" classes in Kentucky,. more
3. On-line Classes. A major goal for 2017 is to establish a series of on-line classes.....more
4. Consulting. ....... add "evaluation or program" services for training and farm programs... more
5. Help with "problem horse(s)".......more.
6. Writing. Many of you have asked me to "write a book". Well, it's underway. And you ocan follow it's progress by reading "exerpts" plus other ramblings by following me on Medium. CLICK HERE to go there now and get started.

Trainers' Exam Prep Class - Lone Star Park, April 5-7, 2017. Click here



  CLICK HERE for class outline and other general information about the Trainers' Exam Prep Class and to add your name to our email list to be notified when other classes are scheduled

If you are interested in becoming a Rachorse Trainer or Assistant Trainer and cannot attend a Trainers' Exam Prep Classes you can purchase the Prep Class materials by CLICKING HERE



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